the list

i was inspired by a friend to make a list of things i want to accomplish in life. so this will be a running tag, hopefully with some posts about accomplishments!!!!

  • travel to eastern europe
  • go sky diving
  • get married
  • have a family (2 kids, a dog)
  • move out of my parents house
  • be a year clean from cutting
  • find healthier eating habits
  • medal at head of the charles
  • take shrooms again
  • learn to ski
  • learn to snorkel
  • race at Henley
  • get 3 more tattoos
  • run a 5k race
  • run a half marathon race
  • run a marathon race
  • become a literacy specialist
  • do more yoga
  • write more
  • all of my students be at/above grade level at the end of the school year
  • move in with someone i love
  • be happy
  • find a long term solution to my scars, especially on my legs
  • ride a motorcycle
  • travel to australia
  • cross-country road trip
  • disney land california
  • hike in peru
  • buy a house
  • buy a car
  • be able to help my future children pay for college
  • learn a new language (tbd on specific language)
  • spend more time outside – go hiking more often
  • eat less sugar

okay that is all i have for now stay tuned folks


not just a booty call

i think i’ve been doing a decent job getting over R. i’m not 100% over him, i still hurt and i still cry more than i want to. but it’s progress. it’ll always be progress. but i can’t fixate on him because he is gone and he is happy.

i met a new guy. i feel like i say that a lot. i really liked this guy. like? i’m not sure. we have a pretty good thing going i think. i thought. i thought until the other day when i was over at his place and he made a weird comment about how we don’t even need to talk to make this work because we could just make out but like i like to talk? and then later a comment about being a booty call and the teasing earlier was unnecessary for a booty call. i don’t want to be a booty call. i want to be appreciated and i want to be LOVED. i’m not saying propose to me or ask me out, i’m saying get to know me and talk to me too. i like to cuddle, i like having my hair played with. i like to hear stories about your childhood. i like to hear what you would do on a rainy sunday when you don’t have work the next day. how do you take your coffee? what are your thoughts on music? on kanye? a fun fact about yourself? something that makes you unique? what’s on your bucket list? where do you see yourself in five years?

i am a lot of person, but one thing i most definitely am not is a booty call.